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Public Ledger Philadelphia Daily Newspaper 26 Issues 1842-1852, Mexican War, Texas War, Attempt To Purchase Cuba Etc, Various
1 Public Ledger Philadelphia Daily Newspaper 26 Issues 1842-1852, Mexican War, Texas War, Attempt To Purchase Cuba Etc Various
Philadelphia Public Ledger Newspaper 1842-1852 Newspaper Very Good with no dust jacket 
Folio 16.75"; “The Public Ledger was a daily newspaper in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania published from March 25, 1836 to January 1942. Its motto was "Virtue Liberty and Independence”. For a time, it was Philadelphia's most popular newspaper, but circulation declined in the mid-1930s”. Wikipedia. Each issue is as follows; The Public Ledger. Philadelphia: Folio broadsheet, approx 17’ x 21’; pp; 4; Last page advertisements and Shipping Notices have small cuts heading the ad or notice. These papers have been folded and stored in a box for decades; Moderate wear, toned, generally good or better with an occasional split at a fold; Damaged issues noted in thumbnail descriptions below. 26 Issues 1842-1852 Mexican War News; California; Texas; Kossuth; Finance; Politics; New Orleans; Cuba; Clay, Calhoun, Webster et al; World News etc. May 27, 1842 The Kentuckian In Havana Washington DC News Financial News from New Orleans// May 30, 1842 Dorr Rebellion Mob Violence in New Orleans Anti-Slavery Convention // November 4, 1844 (Masthead damaged) Blizzard In Western New York Financial News / Various Markets, Cattle etc. // June 2, 1846 Damaged; one column at right edge approx 8 inches removed Mexican War News ; Battles On The Rio Grande// August 12, 1846 Mr Wise’s Balloon Ascension At Westchester Acts Passed By The Congress// October 26, 1846 Mexican News A New Planet The Riot At Canton China Monteray California// April 2, 1847 Battle Of Buena Vista, Mexican & American Accounts// April 16, 1847 Vera Cruz// October 2, 1847 Gen. Wool & Military Discipline Washington DC News// October 19, 1847 Texas War News// March 6, 1848 Burning Steamboats in Cincinnati Gen. Taylor is a Whig News From West Africa// March 11, 1848 Gen Scott in Santa Fe A letter from Mr. Wilmot// August 3, 1849 News of Texas, Mexico & California// August 17, 1849 California Migration (Wagon Trains) Texas, Mexican & Southwestern News// April 20, 1850 Mutiny on British Ship Brant Saco (Me) Tragedy Washington DC News// May 14, 1850Article on the revocation of death penalty for Arson (Incendiarism) California News Abolitionism Activities Suppressed in the North// April 25, 1851 News From Texas European News// August 20, 1851 News of Mexico Possible Purchase of Cuba by the US// Feb 2, 1852 Kossuth’s Address to the Ladies of PittsburghLetter From Washington Letter From Havana// Feb 3, 1852 California News// Feb 5, 1852 Kossuth’s Interview With Henry Clay Execution of Lawrence Reilly Other Kossuth News Constitution of the Sandwich Islands// Feb 24, 1852Cleveland Riot Patent Office Abuses// eb 27, 1852 Uniform RR Track Guage Bill Iowa Land Bill Attempted Assassination of Spanish Queen// April 13, 1852 Whig Convention Arrival from California the El Dorado with $800,000 in Gold// April 22, 1852 Texas Debt Gold Discovered on Queen Charlotte’s Island// June 24, 1852 Arrival Of The Steamship Niagara European NewsLetter From Lake Superior (Mining Interest/ Copper). Newspapers: : Americana: : War 37254 
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